Indica Feminized Cannabis Seeds Combo Pack

Do you love a combination where you can find the top-rated feminized Indica strains that are more than 75% Indica-dominant? Then this is your perfect combo. Here, find feminized Big Bud, feminized Bianca, and feminized Afghan. All these seeds have a better and more robust than any of the sativa strains and are ideal for solving loads of medical conditions.

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4 Big Bud feminized seeds

As the name implies, the Big Bud feminized strain gives rise to all-female strains that are big-budded. All these plants go to having as high as 80% Indica dominance. 

Ideally, if you are a commercial grower, the feminized big bud strain has never disappointed in terms of yields, and we are sure that it won’t disappoint you if you do everything right. 

3 Bianca feminized seeds

The Bianca feminized strain is a particular strain that comes as a result of crossing three extremely potent feminized strains. These are White Widow, Afghan, and the White Queen strains. This brings about this beautiful grass plant with 85% Indica-dominance and 15% Sativa. 

The growing difficulty is typically easy, and this explains why the feminized Bianca seeds come together with the other 2 in the pack.

3 feminized Afghan seeds 

Afghan feminized seeds are known worldwide, thanks to the famous afghan hash that solves different recreational and medicinal problems. Notably, Afghan feminized seeds are 100% Indica-dominant, which is to say that the Afghan feminized is a pure Indica strain.

A package of potency and the best effects 

On average, this combination gives strains that have an average of 85% Indica-dominance. That said, it is an excellent idea if you take any or a mixture of the three strains during the nighttime.