Orange Bud Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

The auto-flowering feminized Orange Bud strain is a sativa hybrid that is ideal for consumption during
the morning hours, especially before you start your day. Instead of going the orange juice way, you can
be sure to fantasize your taste buds with this auto-flowering beauty.

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What can I expect from this strain?

Orange Bud Autoflower Marijuana Seeds’ Sativa dominance is at 90% and has a 10% Indica level. Her levels of Tetrahydrocannabinol range between 20 and 30%, and normal CBD levels, depending on the factors considered during her cultivation. If you are wondering about the name, then it is as a result of her hairs. 

That is, the Orange Bud auto-flowering gives rise to massive buds enclosed in orange hairs. 

About the height, it is genuinely manageable, and you don’t have to worry about following intense procedures such as trimming or lollipoping to see her flourishing outside. She grows up to 45 inches indoors and slightly above 60 inches in an outdoor environment. 

How high do you get from this strain?

The auto-flowering Orange Bud feminized strain gets described as the perfect grass for enhancing wakefulness. The intermediate pothead can find this resin of dope as the best since it promotes a fantastic euphoric high and feelings of intense happiness. 

Is this a beginner friendly strain to grow?

There is literally no better way of utilizing your indoor and outdoor environment than cultivating the auto-flowering feminized version of the Orange Bud. Her growing difficulty is so easy that a newbie grower can succeed with her and get themselves rolling with the tide. 

The expected yield

The Orange Bud Autoflower is not that heavily yielding sativa strain you could think of. However, her potency ratios are on the highest side, and you would expect her to do the job immediately after taking your piece of dope.

On average, she yields between 1 and 3oz/f2 in both indoor and outdoor environments. Should you opt to go the outdoors way, October is the best month to harvest your yields. 

The auto-flowering feminized Orange Bud produces a citrusy orange flavour and some scent of spices and skunk

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Shipping your Orange Bud Autoflower

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