Sour Kali Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Do you feel you are down and would wish to take a hit from a strain that has uplifting effects? Then the Sour Kali feminized strain does that the best. It is a Sativa-dominant strain that best fits that medium to the highly-experienced connoisseur. Not to worry if you are a beginner, though, we have other wide assortments that can do the magic for you.

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Important information about this strain

Some users who struggle with social anxiety disorder find the Sour Kali Feminized Cannabis Seeds the best natural solution. This makes them happy extroverts who can contribute at any social event, but with a touch of sobriety. It is ideal for those who suffer from anxiety and depression. 

High THC parents 

The breeding of Kali Mist and New York Turbo Diesel saw to it that the New Kali feminized came into existence. The two parents have high THC levels, and these could be what you could be just looking for to punch your worries away. 

Necessarily, the first toke is extremely strong and gives a quick head rush. Be prepared for a thrilling experience as you continue familiarizing yourself with this she.

Its flavor is mostly earthy and with a beautiful tune of citrus aroma. She is Sativa-dominant and does well both indoors and outdoors. For an outdoor environment, it flourishes the best in Mediterranean climatic conditions.

If you opt to go the indoor route, then pruning will need to be in your timetable. She takes some limited space when growing, and training and pruning should get introduced early.

If you are ready to start growing the New Kali feminized strain right away, then is a good seller to place your order. They have been in the business for a decade+, and you can rely on them for any concern you may be facing.