Coffee Grounds As Fertilizer For Cannabis

coffee grounds

Reading Time: 3 minutes Have you ever thought of coffee grounds as fertilizer for your cannabis plant? Many people don’t think about it, but coffee grounds is a fantastic fertilizer that is also 100% natural. And there is another big advantage, at least if you’re a coffee drinker yourself: it’s free! Read on and discover what coffee can do […]

Marijuana That Can Help You To Tackle Your Chronic Pain


Reading Time: 6 minutes Medical marijuana is increasing its popularity for alternative medicines for chronic pain relief. Researches said marijuana could ease some specific types of pains resulting from nerve damage and inflammation too. In modern days, chronic pain is something that attacks and affects more people than cancer or heart diseases do. Chronic pain has become the most […]

Marijuana for Back Pain


Reading Time: 4 minutes As you know, marijuana offers numerous health benefits. The cannabis plant contains several antioxidants and nutrients. With each passing day, we continue to understand more about our beloved ganja plant. One of the key secrets of marijuana lies in its anti-inflammatory properties. Our improved understanding of the marijuana plant has contributed to the development of […]

What does feminized seeds mean?


Reading Time: 4 minutes Most novices enjoy marijuana, yes, but they under most circumstances don’t know where exactly the source of the enjoyment is. The female species of the cannabis plant are attributable to the potency and quality of cannabis-derivatives that come after that. Put, the female cannabis plants bear the cannabinoid-bearing flowers. That being said, the effects, tastes, […]

Why does marijuana have such a strong smell

Reading Time: 2 minutes Why does marijuana have such a strong smell? Have you ever wondered why certain buds have such a strong and unique smell? Well we’ve done some research to get you those answers. Terpenes The vast majority of the sharp smell of cannabis originates from a class of synthetics called terpenes, however huge numbers of these […]

Why to your Clean Grow room


Reading Time: 2 minutes As any avid grower knows, cultivating cannabis can be tricky seeing as there are so many different aspects of the process to consider. However, many growers often overlook one simple thing – cleanliness. Keeping your grow room clean is incredibly important and the following article is here to tell you all about why this is: […]